At the Well

The story of the Samaritan woman at the well is one of my favorite moments in the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I first believed in Jesus Christ a few years ago, I had a notion that I needed to get rid of my “sins” before I fully committed myself to following God. I kept … Continue reading At the Well

Hide and Seek (Part 2)

Hiding behind Emotions  Cain and his jealousy: Genesis 4:1-15 What happens when we hide behind our emotions? When we allow our emotions to consume us, instead of actually facing them?  Some of us may deal with this on a daily basis; carrying around a lot of anger and jealousy…can we just call it for what … Continue reading Hide and Seek (Part 2)

Hide and Seek ( part 1)

In life, we may sometimes dread moving forward because we hide behind our lack of self-esteem  and in the words of others that have discouraged us in our past. It may be that sometimes our emotions control us into a spiral of devastating situations. We even hide our past, too ashamed to mention it in our … Continue reading Hide and Seek ( part 1)